Self Care

What is Self-care right now?

June 16, 2020

Hey sis!!!

When I first created this blog I was intentional in not making this a “personal blog” because that’s not my lane. This blog is not about me but rather about sharing lifestyle topics that are of interest and relatable to my readers. However with that being said I am a black woman, so I would be being less than transparent if I did not just share how I have been personally feeling recently…and that is overwhelmed. Everything is heavy y’all. Finding happy is a true task some days, but I realize now more than ever that we must be sure to take care of ourselves during all that’s going on.

Self-care is definitely something that can create happiness, even when everything around us may seem like it’s falling apart. More importantly, self-care looks different for everyone and honestly I think it should occur without rules…

How have you been taking care of yourself? Are you having that  glass of wine after work, going for a mid day walk or maybe just logging of the gram for a little. Whatever you’re doing let us know in the comments.

Also, just a reminder if no one has told you recently… we at “what makes me happy now” are sending you lots of love sis. In the words of our brother Kendrick “ we gon’ be alright”!!!

Until next time, keep finding happy.


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