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To D.I.Y. or Not…Hmmmm

August 17, 2020

Heyyy everyone!!! I hope the week is starting out well. I shared on IG that the next few post here would highlight some of the projects that I have worked on, am working on or planning to work on since the whole COVID-19 pandemic began. Lol! It’s been a lot of hard work but the happiness I get from sitting outside after a long day is amazinggggg!!! So, let’s get into to it .

 One thing I knew I wanted in my current living  space was some form of outdoor living. A place that was functional and served as another seating area to enjoy. The contractor estimates we received were way over our budget so after a lot of contemplating the decision was made to build an outdoor patio area ourselves. It took quite a bit of research (Hey Youtube and Google)  but we did it. It took about 4 weekends to complete  but we weren’t doing full 8 hours days. Weather didn’t always cooperate and sometimes we would just be exhausted. We paced ourselves but made to accomplish some task on the project checklist each week. I have never in my life been to Lowes as much as I have for this project.  Not to mention the bags of sand, stones and hundred plus pavers we had to load during multiple trips. Oh and we can’t forget that it seems like everyone was doing a home project because we would have to travel to 3 different stores when items were sold out or real low on invetory. The struggle got real at the end. I was tired…y’all hear me. Sis was done.  Was this the perfect project or partio no, but do I love it YES!❤

Here’s the nugget to take away…don’t be afraid to try something. I was so nervous to “waste” money on a project that may not have gone well. But what if we never ripped up that first piece of grass and just started, I would have totally missed out on a finished project ( well phase 1) of something that’s exceeded expectations!


Until next time,



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  1. Hi Sis!

    ❤️This! Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s so simple but we complicate it by keeping our minds closed. Another reason…out of fear we settle for the expensive way or not do it at all.

    Thank you for sharing! Most of the time we surprise ourselves when we put our minds to something new.

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