Reminiscing on our Fav Travel Destinations!!!

May 3, 2020

Hey sis! Normally around this time many of us would either be booking our travel plans or looking at the countdown calendar for the start of our summer vacations. Well  since full out travel for Summer 2020 is probably canceled let’s talk about our favorite places that we have visted in the past.

To date, my favorite destination I must say is Paris. I know, I know this sounds super cliché but just hear me out, lol. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to travel there again but this time as an adult and the vibe was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The city just seemed to be alive with so much to take in at every corner. There was one summer night when we stumbled across this gathering spot along the Siene River. There were crowds of people just dancing and listening/playing all types of music and it was kind of late in the evening. So here it is we’re trying to go back to our hotel, not expecting much from the city, but I was so wrong. Paris on that night gave me my entire life…okay. Do you hear me that when I say it was a vibe… it almost felt like a movie.  Every now and then, we have those experiences where we are totally present and aware of the happiness we feel right at the time… this was so me. The energy, all the conversations really set the backdrop for what was probably one of my most memorable vacation moments.

Let me hear where you like to travel or a place that you want to visit. I’m always looking to add new spots to my “places to go” list.

Until next time, keep finding happy.


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