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Hello world!

April 26, 2020

Heyyyyyy!!! Welcome to the very first post on, What Makes Me Happy Now!

I was contemplating removing this standard title of “Hello World”, but I felt it pays homage to the blog world, so it stays. Lol! Before we even go any further lets first do a sister friend check-in… How’s everyone doing? Are you good? Because I don’t know about you, but I have had to do check-ins with myself several times amidst everything happening in the world. Just a trip to the grocery store can leave you feeling drained.

It’s a crazy time now to say the least. Most of us are experiencing some type of shutdown due to COVID-19 and we’ve been trying to just adjust. Some days are a little harder than others, so I’ve been focusing on finding things that are relaxing or forms of self-care, which is what is making me happy right now.

One of the things I did recently, was I went old school and bought a word search puzzle book. Yes , I know I can download an app on my phone, but sometimes I just need to check out. Literally I’ll sit and do a couple puzzles when I feel like it.

Now when I want to be entertained and engaged can we just talk about the content social media has been giving us. Between these epic musical battles and some of our Favs going on IG Live  and the comment sections…many nights have been saved.

Lastly Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video having been coming through all the way. I have never ever watched so much TV in my entire life. Lol!  And guess what…I don’t feel bad about it at all. Ha!

What’s making you happy now? Leave a comment below.

Until next time, keep finding happy!

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  1. Hey hey!!! So what’s making me happy right now is indulging in more of what I want! Needless to say, there are many things we all want but let’s be honest…we can’t have it all!:) lol but seriously, it’s refreshing to feel BOSS and it’s brought peace to my life.


    1. Thanks so much Mimi for leaving this comment!!! Yesssss…to doing “more of what I want”!!! We so often forget about ourselves so this is awesome.

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