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Repeat After Me

February 28, 2021

Alright y’all so Meditation… what’s your thoughts? Well for me Guided Meditation has been a part of my daily routine for some time and I love it. It started about 6 years ago when I was going through a “growing phase”. In retrospect, I was in a career and personal space where I wasn’t really happy. I was just going through the motions and wasn’t present. I was distancing myself from a lot of interactions or if I showed up, I was just there in the flesh. I hit a low point and knew I needed to make some changes. This is when I started down my path of being intentional in my actions and working toward purpose again. It was at that time I was formally introduced to Guided Meditation Apps  and it’s been absolutely life altering.

Growing up my mom meditated so I have been a witness to the practice but being able to have a guide walk me through some Meditation exercises at any time on my phone  has been a game changer. Within minutes I am able to introduce calm to my space and it’s transformational. Guided Meditation has been by far one of my top 5 forms of Self-Care.

Listen, Meditation doesn’t have to be super formal or take tons of time. Maybe you want to use an App, maybe it’s repeating a mantra or maybe reflecting in prayer…whatever it looks for you tap in Sis!


Keep finding happy!





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